Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Strictly Solo-Chapter 1.1-She Works Hard For The Money

The Theme Song for this update:

This dilapidated shack is home sweet home for Noelle.  Noelle needs to find herself a better place to live before the health department condemns it.

In order to understand how bad the condition is we need to take the grand tour.

Pretty bad wouldn't you say?  She needs to move and fast.

Noelle doesn't make much as a job as a cashier in the supermarket so she needs to find other ways to make money.  She has already consigned some gems that she found and cut but the real money is in wildflowers.

Twinbrook seems to be a gloomy world with grey skies all of the time but the park over here has plenty of wildflowers spawning.  I actually seen one spawn right after she picked one up in the same spot.  The red ones are the best as they sell for $600.

There is a problem to picking flowers and that is allergies.  It cost her $200 for an allergy shot.  She does get wants though to pick a certain number of wild flowers and to get an allergy shot.  At least she is racking up the life time happiness points.  I know at 30,000 points she can buy inheritance but the glutton for punishment here won't let her do that.  She is going to have to earn the money herself.

Another method of making money is collecting insects and donating them at the science facility.  I thought that bringing them there would give her more money but it doesn't.  We just sell them out of her inventory now.

Harvesting and consigning honey and beeswax at the consignment store is another excellent source of income.  The beekeeper boxes are right outside of the elixir consignment store so she didn't even have to buy them.

There is a danger to collecting honey and that is bee attack.  Thankfully she is not allergic to bees.

She is also gardening a bit and selling the fruit, vegetables and herbs at the consignment shop. Gardening takes a lot of time and the produce doesn't sell for a lot of money so it is not the best source of income.  However she is doing anything and everything to make money.

Pretty soon it was fall and very close to winter.  Wild flowers, plants and insects would be scarce on the months that it was too cold for her to stand outside. Again she had to find other methods of making money.  She works as a masseuse at the gym.  Its freelance work and she gets $300 from every client.

She had to find ways to earn money at home.  She bought an easel and she sold painting and sketches.  Here she is in her basement trying to solve the unsolvable.  She sometimes makes up to $200 doing this but her eye has been wandering to another type of web site, online dating.

She posted her own profile and ......

she browsed the offerings in this town.  Slim pickings for sure but one of these men has to help her usher in the next generation.  Who knows who it will be.

Believe it or not these methods of making money add up after a while.  Noelle is one day away from her adult birthday and she is only $27,907 away from completing her ltw.  It's time to go shopping for a house and a baby daddy.


  1. Wow. I've never done the wildflower picking or insect thing in S3. I'm doing it in s4 as you know, but it never dawned on me in this game. I can't believe she's made so much from selling off things like that. Good job!

    LOL on the online dating. Man they always have slim pickings, Angie knows all about that. Of that group I say Justin looks the best so hope she can make something happen with him. And let's hope he's not married. LOL

    1. Oh yeah you can make tons of money on wildflowers. Insects not so much but considering her ltw I decided to do everything. In her case Twinbrook has an unbelievable park that spawns plenty of flowers. The only park that spawns more flowers is in Hidden Springs. I didn't have any idea the park was like that here as this is the first time I played Twinbrook.

      Oh boy you read my mind. She is already best friends with Justin so I think he will be the baby daddy. If he is married that is fine as we just want the baby. I'm going strictly but the solo rule in this one. Unless the ltw needs another person in the house or multiple births it will only be heirs living there.

  2. If only picking wildflowers were that profitable in real life!!

    she's making good progress on her LTW and I hope she's able to find a decent guy to pollinate her ;-)

    1. I know I would be out picking wildflowers from day to night. This was actually an easier LTW than I thought.