Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Strictly Solo-Chapter 1.1-She Works Hard For The Money

The Theme Song for this update:

This dilapidated shack is home sweet home for Noelle.  Noelle needs to find herself a better place to live before the health department condemns it.

In order to understand how bad the condition is we need to take the grand tour.

Pretty bad wouldn't you say?  She needs to move and fast.

Noelle doesn't make much as a job as a cashier in the supermarket so she needs to find other ways to make money.  She has already consigned some gems that she found and cut but the real money is in wildflowers.

Twinbrook seems to be a gloomy world with grey skies all of the time but the park over here has plenty of wildflowers spawning.  I actually seen one spawn right after she picked one up in the same spot.  The red ones are the best as they sell for $600.

There is a problem to picking flowers and that is allergies.  It cost her $200 for an allergy shot.  She does get wants though to pick a certain number of wild flowers and to get an allergy shot.  At least she is racking up the life time happiness points.  I know at 30,000 points she can buy inheritance but the glutton for punishment here won't let her do that.  She is going to have to earn the money herself.

Another method of making money is collecting insects and donating them at the science facility.  I thought that bringing them there would give her more money but it doesn't.  We just sell them out of her inventory now.

Harvesting and consigning honey and beeswax at the consignment store is another excellent source of income.  The beekeeper boxes are right outside of the elixir consignment store so she didn't even have to buy them.

There is a danger to collecting honey and that is bee attack.  Thankfully she is not allergic to bees.

She is also gardening a bit and selling the fruit, vegetables and herbs at the consignment shop. Gardening takes a lot of time and the produce doesn't sell for a lot of money so it is not the best source of income.  However she is doing anything and everything to make money.

Pretty soon it was fall and very close to winter.  Wild flowers, plants and insects would be scarce on the months that it was too cold for her to stand outside. Again she had to find other methods of making money.  She works as a masseuse at the gym.  Its freelance work and she gets $300 from every client.

She had to find ways to earn money at home.  She bought an easel and she sold painting and sketches.  Here she is in her basement trying to solve the unsolvable.  She sometimes makes up to $200 doing this but her eye has been wandering to another type of web site, online dating.

She posted her own profile and ......

she browsed the offerings in this town.  Slim pickings for sure but one of these men has to help her usher in the next generation.  Who knows who it will be.

Believe it or not these methods of making money add up after a while.  Noelle is one day away from her adult birthday and she is only $27,907 away from completing her ltw.  It's time to go shopping for a house and a baby daddy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I'm Every Woman-Chapter 4-A Single Parent's Life

I awoke to find my little cutie patootie Chantel playing with her dollies.  At least she doesn't bang the dolls several times on the doll house floor before attempting to bite off their heads like I have seen other babies do.  Of course she also plays in the toilet but that is something we are going to have to deal with.

 This pregnancy is starting to get to me.  Chantel needs to be fed and bathe but she is being defiant and making it hard for me to pick her up.  This big belly is getting in the way.  The last two times I wasn't this big I do hope there is only one baby in here.

I was able to get everything sorted out with Chantel and by the time that Sebastian arrived home she is quietly playing with her blocks like a little angel. This gave me the chance to spend a little time with Sebastian.  He needed some help with his homework which I was more than happy to provide.

I needed to tend the garden so Sebastian offered to watch his sister for a little while.

Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I went into labor.  I quickly called for a cab and the next call was to Akira and I told him to meet me at the hospital.

Of course Akira was doing his usual panic dance.  It's our third baby you think he would be used to this by now.  The doctor stood still and looked as if he were a statue.

Akira took off for parts unknown and the doctor was still standing out there.  No one was paying attention to me at all and I'm the patient.  Oh well I guess I'll have a soda while waiting instead of those stupid ice chips.

The nurse showed up now too and both of them were still out there not even moving an inch.

More contractions hit and this is when I had enough.  I went out there screaming for them to get this baby out of me right this minute.  I didn't care if they thought I was the crazy pregnant lady in a hospital gown with ducks on it screaming I was in pain and they were doing nothing.  And would someone tell me who is the world would put ducks on a hospital gown!

Finally they decide to move a bit.  I guess you have to get loud sometimes to get service.

Luckily it was only one baby but she was over 9 pounds, the largest baby I ever had.  I guess that explains why I was so big.  I still couldn't find Akira around anywhere but we already decided on Brandi for a baby girl.

Chantel took one look at me with the baby and she wasn't happy at all.  She kept following Akira around saying "Up!  Up!"  I have a feeling she might be a little jealous of her sister.  I guess I will just have to make sure that she knows we love her just as much as Brandi and Sebastian.

A friend of Sebastian decided to drop in for a visit.  He seems to be quite taken with her.

Her name is Ryleigh Bheeda and she seems to be a nice girl.  *She looks familiar I must investigate*

He asked her out to the new bowling alley that just opened in town but she declined.

However she did stay to cloud gaze with him for a while.

Chantel seems to start demanding attention whenever I pick up Brandi so while Brandi is sleeping I make an extra effort to show attention to her.

Sebastian did his part to keep Chantel distracted while I was caring for Brandi.

Chantel started playing in the toilet again so I had to lay down the law on what she could and couldn't do whether or not she liked it.

I also had to make sure that Sebastian was doing his homework.

I just wish he wouldn't do it in the bathroom right in front of the door.

Pretty soon Brandi was literally jumping out of the bassinet, through my back and onto the floor.

Oh I can tell this one is going to be trouble.  Just look at that face.

I fixed her hair up a bit and bought her that cute little hate but she is ever so fussy and quite a handful.  I thought Chantel was work but she was an angel compared to Brandi.

Instead of playing with the dolls nicely like Chantel, Brandi decided it was more fun to smash the dollhouse.

I couldn't accept this behavior from Brandi so I had to be firm but understanding while disciplining her.  She has to learn to respect other people's property and I would like her to learn how to take care of her own toys.

Sebastian had some trouble with some acne but I told him not to worry as he is a handsome boy.

It wasn't long before I was baking a birthday cake for my son and for Chantel. Both of them had their birthdays on the same day.  I wanted to throw a party but with two toddlers in the house I didn't seem to have the time.

At least they did have a cake and we had a small celebration.  First Sebastian blew out his candles,

and it was Chantel's turn to blow out the candles.

Chantel rolled the Social Butterfly aspiration and the geek trait.  She also acquired the Happy Toddler trait from her toddler skills.  She looks just like her father.

Sebastian rolled the Soulmate Aspiration and the Vegetarian trait.

Author's Note-If Ryleigh looks familiar to you its because she has the same parents as Tamika in my Drifter Challenge.  If you are not familiar with my drifter challenge I will post her picture down below.  SP must have impregnated that same couple in both save files and they had two girls that looked as if they were twins. Since she already declined Sebastian for a date but I have been working on their relationship.

Here is Alexis' progress up until now.

Sebastian is going to have to get married and have children in order for her to complete this aspiration.