Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I'm Every Woman-Chapter 5-A Growing Family

I don't understand where I went wrong with Sebastian but one night he gave me the surprise of my life.

I thought he was just on a dinner date with Ryleigh but it wasn't that innocent.

Sebastian proposed to her and they.....

they decided to get married right than and there.  Later on I found out the reason for the quickie marriage.

It turns out that I'm going to be a grandmother.  I thought I taught Sebastian not to have unprotected sex but I guess he wasn't listening.  I did read the riot act to both of them.  I guess I should be glad that Sebastian is being a man about this and is taking responsibility for his actions and I will have a new grandchild to love very soon.

I just hope Brandi starts behaving better before we have another baby in the house.

Brandi seems to be teaching Ryleigh the difficult side of parenting.

Even Chantel who normally is very well behaved acts out a bit.

Sebastian took care of the problem and Chantel did clean up the mess that she made.  I do have to say that I taught him well.

Akira asked me to go to the romance festival with him and to my surprise he looked a bit older.  Strangely I don't feel like I have aged a bit in fact I still feel like a young adult.  I guess I should thank God for that but I'm going to hate losing Akira.

I threw some petals at him and we spent the rest of the day enjoying the festival. I guess I better enjoy the time I have left with him instead of worrying about the inevitable.  I'll have plenty of time to worry about that when it happens.

Akira started to come around more to spend more time with the kids which I'm sure they will treasure those memories.

I even encouraged Chantel to write all about in her journal.  She loves that journal and writes in it almost every day.

Before we even knew it Brandi celebrated her birthday right after using the potty. She was a bit sad because there was no birthday cake and I blame myself for that. With everything else going on in the house I lost track of time.  To make it up to her I took her shopping for new clothes and to the beauty parlor.

She really enjoyed all the pampering and loved her new clothes.  She really did turn out to be a beauty.  Like her sister she looks just like her dad.

She has expressed an interest in art and is often coloring and sketching pictures.  I think I might have a budding artist on my hands.

Chantel has been attached at the hip to Sebastian.  They were always very close but now that he has Ryleigh and a child of his own on the way I think she might feel a bit threatened.

She even will tell him all of her problems and often asks for his advice.

He is always around to help and listen to her problems.  He just wants to reassure Chantel that he will love her no matter what happens.

In addition to a new grandchild I also decided to adopt a puppy.  This is Chloe the Bichon Frise.  She is just way too adorable.

She grow into an adult dog before we knew it and now she really looks like a bichon frise.

This is a the last picture we have of Akira.  He died soon after.

Its time for the baby.

My first Grandchild is a boy who they named Argus.  After his birth Sebastian and Ryleigh moved out when he knocked her again.  There was not enough room for all of us.

Since all of this happened I wasn't too good with taking pictures so let me get everyone caught up to date with the changes in the family. 

Brandi and Sebastian remained the same but Chantal aged up into a teenager.  She rolled the Public Enemy aspiration and her traits are Geek and Evil.

This is Argus as a toddler and he now has twin brothers.  That many people would have never managed in my little house so it is a good thing they moved out when they did.

This is Neal.

and this is Maximus.  All babies were named by the game.  Just one more grandchild and I will be finished with my first aspiration.

Authors Note:  Somewhere along the line I started playing without taking pictures to the best thing I could do is used what pictures I had and bring this up to where I am in gameplay.

Strictly Solo-Chapter 1.2-Time to bring in Generation 2

I have never played Twinbrook before and now I know why.  Slim Pickens on the DNA pool in this town.  Twinbrook is Raven's next stop and I don't have any idea what I am going to do when she gets there.  I don't even remember this guy's name but he asked Noelle on a date and we decided to pass on him.  I think our mind is set on Justin.

In the meantime we found another good way to make money, *Think Toy Story here* The Claw!

Actually you make pretty good money from this.  She did get a few toys and is starting a teddy bear collection but she also picked up some money bags (the highest worth $758 and the lowest worth $178) and she also picked up a heart shaped moonstone worth $1,801 which we consigned and sold for $3,225.  This also brings up the fun bar.

This might just seem like a creepy grave yard but there are plenty of money making opportunities here.  Exploring the catacombs gives you everything from uncut gems, special seed, rare books and genie lamps.  She did get a few gems, one special seed and a book with the word Atlantis in the title.  I don't recall the full name but it is worth over $2,000.  I haven't sold the book yet still deciding if it should be passed down since those books are not in the library and can't be purchased.

More money awaits us outside the grave yard two gems and a rare bird.

I almost forgot there is a very good chance of getting singed when exploring the catacombs.  Before sending Noelle home I had her pick up the two gems and befriend the bird.  The exotic birds are easy to befriend and they sell for good money, $578.  There was no way she was keeping that as a pet the bird tree alone cost $400 not to mention the food and care although they can teach those birds to talk simlish.  Way back when I started "A Race Against Time"  Holly and Rose adopted one of those birds and they taught it to say "Sul Sul" and it had a parrot sounding voice.

Moving Day!  She has been living in a starter home with very little room.  She is worth 88 K now and is only 12 K away from completing her ltw.  Its time to be thinking about Generation 2.  The first thing we needed was a bigger house.  None of the houses in Twinbrook that she could afford I liked so I opted for one from the bin.  We are going to have to make some renovations as we go along because......

a kitchen looking like this will not do.  The rest of the house isn't much better.

I did fix the bedroom and the nursery will be next.  After that I will get to the kitchen.

Ok baby making time.  Noelle calls Justin and asks him out on a date.  For some strange reason we are in the place with the claw and there is also a photo booth there too.  I guess Noelle is explaining to him that we need a sperm donor.

I guess he is willing to donate to the cause.

I guess he was really happy to make a donation.

Noelle on the other hand doesn't want any photographic evidence.

Thanks for your services Justin but Noelle needs to get back to work with the claw now.  All we needed was to borrow your man parts for a little while.  We will call you back for child support payments after the baby is born.

Wow a mummy scary bear.  She needs that one for the collection.

Everyone does seem to be happy so all is good.

Soon after she finds out she is pregnant.

And before you know it time for the baby.

It's a girl.  I was trying to decide on a naming theme as I decided to use one for this.  I don't have one for Raven's and its so hard to come up with names.  It's just so much easier for me to have one.  Since one of my favorite shows is in its last season we will use names from Once Upon a Time.  I will use either actors names, storybrook names or story character names whichever is fits best.  I had a hard time choosing the first girls name it had to be one of the top female leads and I love all three. 

I went with Mary Margaret aka Snow White because I like the way Once changed the character of Snow White from a damsel in distress to a woman who could take care of herself. 

Of course after I named the baby she did roll the evil trait but instead of changing to Regina the Evil Queen I kept the name as Snow did have her moments. 

As for her ltw I'm going to choose from one of the 5 suggested at her young adult birthday as those are based on her traits.